At Meta, our mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

Meta cares about the important environmental and social issues of the day and recognizes our investors and other partners do, too. We're often asked about what we're doing about those issues as a company, and this page can help everyone find that information.

Website IconWho We Are

We build technologies that help people connect with friends and family, find communities, and grow businesses.

Community Standards Enforcement IconCommunity Safety and Support

People come to Facebook to share their stories, see the world through the eyes of others and connect with friends and family. We want everyone to feel safe when using Facebook. We work with external experts and gather feedback from our community to develop policies, tools and resources to help keep you safe.

Diversity IconDiversity and Inclusion

We work to build a diverse and inclusive workplace where we can leverage our collective cognitive diversity to build the best products and support the global community we serve.

Banking IconGovernance

We are committed to sound corporate governance practices and encouraging effective policy and decision making at both the board of directors and management level.

Multiple Users IconPeople Practices

We are proud of our unique company culture where ideas, innovation, and impact win, and we work hard to build strong teams across engineering, product design, marketing, and other areas to further our mission. We help care for our people so they can focus on our mission of bringing the world closer together.

Privacy Shortcuts IconPrivacy & Cybersecurity

We’re committed to honoring your privacy choices and protecting your information. That’s why we build tools that give you control over your privacy and help keep your information secure. We also partner to improve security standards across the industry.

Small Business IconPromoting Economic Opportunity

We are in the business of small business. Hundreds of millions of businesses use our tools each month to connect with customers, hire and grow.

Social Good IconSocial Impact

When people are connected, they can achieve extraordinary things. We’ve seen how a post on Facebook can get someone life-saving help, how a video challenge can raise record amounts for ALS research, how a hashtag can become a global call to action and how people show up for each other in times of need. It’s these acts of kindness and community that inspire us to build new tools and features to enable the best of what people can do together.

Sustainability IconSustainability and Responsible Supply Chain

We are committed to fighting climate change, and we embrace our responsibility and the opportunity to impact the world beyond our operations. We believe sustainability is about minimizing the impact of our energy, emissions, and water usage, protecting workers and the environment in our supply chain, and partnering with others around us to develop and share solutions for a more sustainable world.

Report IconTax

Meta believes that stable, long-term tax policies are critical to an environment that helps businesses thrive and grow.


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has not promulgated any rules about the presentation of, or metrics related to, certain ESG matters. Accordingly, the information we present may not be directly comparable to that presented by other companies. In addition, the information often is based on statistics or metrics that are estimates, makes assumptions based on developing standards that may change, and provides aspirational goals that are not intended to be promises or guarantees. Accordingly, investors should not place undue reliance on the information set forth in this section of our website.

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