Meta Advisory Group

The Meta Advisory Group is composed of outside advisors that Meta's management team will periodically consult with on strategic opportunities related to our technology and product roadmap.

Patrick Collison , ,

Patrick Collison is cofounder and chief executive officer of Stripe, a technology company that builds financial infrastructure for the internet. Patrick and his brother, John, started Stripe in 2010 with the goal of making it simpler to accept payments on the internet. Today, millions of businesses from startups to global enterprises use Stripe to accept payments and manage complex businesses online. Patrick is also a cofounder of the Arc Institute, a biomedical research institute that is pioneering a new model for basic research.

Nat Friedman , ,

Nat Friedman is an entrepreneur and investor who focuses on infrastructure, AI, and developer companies. He founded two startups, and led GitHub as CEO from 2018-2022. He is co-founder of AI Grant, an active board member at the Arc Institute, and chairman of California YIMBY. Recently, Nat, in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Kentucky, oversees the Vesuvius Challenge, a machine learning and computer vision competition to read the Herculaneum Papyri. Nat lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and their two children.

Tobi Lütke , ,

Tobi Lütke is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shopify. In 2004, Tobi began building software to launch an online snowboard store called Snowdevil. It quickly became obvious that the software was more valuable than the snowboards, so Tobi and his founding team launched the Shopify platform, where he has served as CEO since 2008. Tobi is a vocal advocate for sustainability, computer literacy, and education. He has served as a board member of Coinbase since 2022 and he is actively involved with the open source community, having contributed significantly to Ruby on Rails, Liquid, and ActiveMerchant. Tobi firmly believes that technology is essential for growth and innovation. He is passionate about paving the way for more builders.

Charlie Songhurst , ,

Charlie Songhurst is a technology investor. Charlie has served as General Manager of Global Corporate Strategy at Microsoft and focused on partnering and M&A. He ran the Yahoo Acquisition and commercial deal and drove the Skype acquisition. Before running Corporate Strategy, Charlie was focused on the emergence of Google and the growth of the search industry. He now invests in over 500 start-ups globally. He is particularly focused on enterprise SaaS and deep tech. Charlie received a Bachelor's degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Oxford University.